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Whew.. what a relief!
My friend had her sister email me. The sister is finishing up her thesis in Contact Lenses! And she emailed a colleague at Waterloo University, Dr. Gina Sobara who specializes in fitting people with Keratoconus. She heads up the contact lens clinic and the University and will see me next week. it a bit of a hike but I don;t care. She thinks she will have no trouble fitting me with RPG lenses AND says DO NOT wear the Synergeyes contact lenses. She is not convinced enough oxygen gets to the eye.
Thank God!
Will be refreshing to speak with some one who is an EXPERT.

I called my current optometrist and told her I would be goin to the University and to please cancel the Synergeyes order. I only got a old of frint desk person. I hope she is not mad, or ego bruised. I can’t mess around with this any longer. I was diagnosed end of August and still no better off.

I have been increasingly frustrated by my optometrist. She is very nice and capable but does not have much experience with fitting people with Keratoconus. I am starting to think what has happened is newer optometrist and lens fitters just have no experience with hard RGP lenses. It is just so cheap and soft cont lenses are such high quality now that rarely do people need or want the rigid gas permeable lenses. ( tho having tried both the quality of vision if you have astigmatism and wear toric lenses is not even comparable)

This morning I got in touch with an old friend who has a sister that just finished University and is now an optometrist. I am hoping she will some recommendations for me. I have called every where and most lens fitters don’t have the experience and/or won’t admit they don’t have the experience.

This might be a good way to get a free pair of Synergeyes.

If you have Keratoconus consider this trial for contact lenses:

SynergEyes Clinical Study

SynergEyes, the industry leader in hybrid contact lens technology,
invites you to participate in a SynergEyes Keratoconus clinical study.

SynergEyes is designed to provide your eyes the crisp vision of a
rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens and the comfort of a soft lens. The
purpose of this study is to analyze new lens design configurations
that have been created for improved lens comfort and wearability. The
clinical study will take place at SynergEyes offices in Carlsbad,
California, to evaluate and dispense multiple lens designs, and allow
for various progress visits. Most visits will be about 1 hour long.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about keratoconus and
assist in the development of a new treatment option. If you would
like to participate or have any questions, please call the SynergEyes
study enrollment coordinator, Jessica Ackerman at 760-444-9629 to
schedule a screening evaluation. Enrollment is filling rapidly, and
study subjects will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.
If you would like to participate, do not delay in contacting Jessica
to indicate your interest.