Having Trouble Removong Your Hard Contact Lens?

RGP Inserter/Remover
eek- the title of my post is much scarier sounding than it is. I got a RGP Inserter/Remover. It is small silicon tool with a tiny “suction cup” on the end to aid in the removal of my hard contact lens. You can also use to insert but I have never bothered. When I have been removing my hard lens it often slips the hard lens edge scrapes my eye or worst case then lens does a flip and I have lost TWO ( at $185 a pop!).
None of my local optometrists know what I as talking about when I mentioned a suction cup to remove hard lens.
Finally at specialist they not only knew about them but sold them and showed me how to use. The cost was 5.00 and well worth it.

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