Well After months of trying to wear a regular RGP contact lens I am in a semi Scleral Jupiter lens. I love it!
it is about the zie maybe bit bigger of a soft contact lens. It is bit scary becasue it is totally hard. The learning curve on getting it in was difficult I will not lie. Took about 10 tries. Taking it out a breeze.
They are VERY comfortable the dont move and extremely comfortable. I wear at least 8 hours with no problem and often push it to 10+ my eye is sore. If I wear for 12 hours my eye is sore and sore the next day. I do notice vision not as clear as with RGP. I really really could not get a good fit with RGP and tried what feels like a zillion different lenses. I felt like my vision was in hi def with the RGP and these are still more like VHS or maybe a a dvd. being able to wear these and no risk of them popping out all the time has been great and well worth it however. With rgp I did not need reading glasses and I do with the Jupiter contact lens. I go back in couple of weeks for progress check and will see what they can do.