A few people have posted comments on how much they love the Synergeyes.
My fitter is considered top in Canada and specializes in Keratoconus and PMD. She sees about 20 + patients a day. She refuses to fit people in Synergeyes because she feels they don’t supply enough oxygen to the eye. She does think they will be a hybrid on the market in next couple of years that will work but right now they can’t get the soft skirt to stay attached to rigid lens. She says she has always been able to find a lens solution that works without resorting to using the Synergyees.
I am currently in a Jupiter contact lens ( semi scleral ) and comfort and fit is great. The vision I am not thrilled with but I am getting a new lens next week.
Apparently it is too steep and fluid is getting in behind lens and changing prescription. It sure is frustrating and been a year since I was diagnosed and still not happy with my vision.