I struggle with this one. I find my contact lens gets a bit gunky if I leave in and put one my eye make up with contact lens inserted. My eye make up can be pretty heavy on a Saturday night!
If I take out then I cant see to put in lens. I have kerataconus so when I don’t have my contacts in I am legally blind in left eye and struggling with right.
I did a bit of research and asked optician - general consensus is too put on eye make up WITH contact lens inserted.

From Viscon Contact Lens website:
* Apply cologne, deodorant, and hair spray before inserting your lenses.
* Wash hands thoroughly with oil-free soap prior to inserting lenses.
* Put your contacts in before applying make-up.
* Use a water-based but water-resistant mascara that is not prone to flaking. Two thin coats are better than one thick coat.
* Use a soft pencil eyeliner rather than a liquid or powdered version that will flake off.
* Use pressed powder eye shadow rather than liquid or cream. Never use pearlized or frosted types that may contain tinsel. ( Tinsel in my eye makeup?????)
* Always remove your lenses before removing makeup.
( Nothing like smearing greasy remover all overy your RGP’s !!! )

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