Last week during lens fitting for my Keratoconus the doctor picked up that I have Fuchs Dystrophy.
At first I was bit in shock- what are the odds of having two unrelated degenerative eye disease’s of the cornea? Very weird. I cant find any info on it but I wanted to know if others with Keratoconus are more prone to Fuch’s.

It is interesting to note that after diagnosis and treatment of Fuch’s a lot of symptoms cleared up that I had attributed to my Keratoconus. The symptoms of KC and Fuchs are similar.
The last year or so I found that my sensitivity to light really increased. I was having a lot of trouble in rooms lit with fluorescent and CFL bulbs. The last few visits to eye doctor I was asking for help with this and possibly getting tinted gasses to wear indoors.

The treatment for Fuchs is a sodium chloride based ointment in the eyes at night or drops times a day.
The ointment is sold under the name Muro 128
and is on the expensive side- Muo brand is about 20.00. I noticed on Amzon they are selling a generic brand for less than half, Sodium Chloride 5% Ophthalmic Ointment 0 .12 oz (3. 5 gm) (Compare to Muro 128.).
I am not crazy about the ointment- you have to put in before bed and then your eyes are full of sticky thick ointment and vision horrible. It does burn slightly.
the advantage to Muro ointment is you only have to use at night. I am not a fan and will forget.
I had avoided the Muro Drops
( also available generically Muro 25.00, generic Sodium Chloride 5% ophthalmic solution - 15 ml still much cheaper) becuas eye doctor warned me that they really urn when putting in. After the night if ointment I was willing to try. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It burs for about 3-5 seconds and then its fine. I have switched to drops pretty much exclusively. I would try both.

Did Treatment for Fuchs Work?
Other than a corneal transplant sodium chloride is only effective treatment. The salt in solution pulls excess water in eyes out and reduces swelling in the cornea. I found an immediate and profound difference the next morning.
My vision was crisper and higher contrast. My eyes were not sore in the morning- something I attributed to my contact lens wear. I am less sensitive to light and less halo and glare effect at night when driving- all things i thought were worsening Keratoconus.
So it was a bad news good news scenerio. Yes I hve new eye condition but my vision is better and less painful.

More Information on Fuchs’ Endothelial Dystrophy:’_dystrophy