I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in September 2008. I have probably been living with it for several years- at least the past 4 years. I am in my early 40’s.

When I began having problems reading I was given bifocals and it was chocked up to my age.
When I started to complain it wasn’t just the not being able to see- I was seeing double the eye doctor checked some more and diagnoses me with microstrabismus - a form of lazy eye that had not been diagnosed as a child. The was a slight lag between my brain and my eye and this caused the doubling.

My vision got worse and I lept complaining .. was told that my right eye could no longer compensate for the left with the problem as. I was quite depressed. At night I could not even read because image was so blurred.
This went on for about two years. the last few months my vision has been much worse and I noticed big problems when on computer- trouble seeing keyboard and screen and nothing helped.

I was not able to see my regular eye doctor and went to see a new ye doctor. She diagnosed me with Kerataconus. I do not have any kind fo a lazy eye. It was a misdiagnoses of a missed diagnosis!

My current treatment is to wear RGP ( rigid gas permeable) contact lenses.

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