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Well, I am pink eye free. I went to eye doctor and new lens for left eye came in. This fits much better.
I am still panicked about losing and I hate taking the lenses out. I have no trouble popping in but take my 6 or 7 times to get them out. The left comes out easily but rough time with the right.

I am stunned at what have been missing.There a green flecks in my kitchen counter. I tell people its like going from a 70’s TV set to watching Blu-Ray.

This most apparent thing to me is the dirt in my house. Counter and walls are dirty. Smudges and splatters I literally did not see are jumping out at me. How could I let me kids and family live this way? Disgusted can’t wait to start cleaning this house up.
Boston Conditioning Solution for Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses, Advance Comfort Formula, 4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)
Also. noticed my eyes burned with lenses in.. very itchy again and worried about pink eye… starting to think maybe was not an eye infection but allergic reaction to lenses or something. Eye drops make it much worse. I mean the “lubricating drops” for contacts. I got one for Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Drops. They are NOT helping.
I have been using Bausch and Lomb Boston Lens 2 step cleaner Bausch and Lomb Boston Lens 2 step cleaner. She also gave me a one step all in one bottle of contact lens cleaning solution called Simplus, but when i tried to wear soft lenses I had trouble with the one step so avoiding using it.

Having great difficulty accepting that these RGP lenses will very be comfortable. I want to claw out my eyes. When I take them still no relief. No clue what s going on.

Well, back from doctor with prescriptions in hand. Taking Garamycin drops to clear up this eye infection- tho doctor thought possible it is reaction to Polysporin or contact lens solution. The eye doctor looked at my eyes Tuesday and she said it was bacterial… but my family doctor doesn’t think so. She di give me some drops to help relieve the pain/burning/itch in my eys and its like a miracle drug. The drops are actually over the counter, Opticrom.. I think they are a steroid drop that relieves symptoms and does not cure.
I cannot recommend these drops enough- the terrible symptoms of my pink eye were almost done within seconds of using the Opticrom.
My doctor also said that lots of people have a reaction to Polysporin and she does not recommend for eye infection or pink eye. This makes sense. My eyes seemed to get worse when I started ti use. I out the drops in after about an hour of noticing my eyes were itchy and I had full blown horrible crusty eyes the next morning. The only thing that helped was stopping the drops and using warm salt water compress with sterile cotton pads.
Hopefully nightmare will be over soon.

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I am frantic to find the lost lens. I owned my new pair (my first) RGP lenses for about an hour before losing one of them I called eye doctor and going in to see if it is still in my eye.. I am sure it is not. She said not much they could about replacing and I will be on the hook for paying for another. I could just die. I cannot express how upset I am. I have eye infection.., eyes feel awful .. A family celebration was ruined lat night over losing and worrying about the lens and all the changes going on.. not to mention taking in the Keratoconus (KT) diagnosis.. no one has ever heard of this and hard to explain to people.

I discovered a good tip for finding a lost contact ( I think this would only work with a hard lens tho)

How To Find a Lost Contact Lens

First, have to assume you know roughly where you lost the lens.
Take a sheer nylon sock or cut off panty house on pull over vacuum hose ( use nozzle attachment) Secure with rubber band. When you vacuum over the area debris will get caught in the hose as vacuum sucks but not go into the actual vacuum.

This is a great tip. unfortunately for me I have no clue where I lost the lens. It literally could be anywhere in my house.. In effort to forget they were in I tried to be busy and did all kids of stuff..

So, lens still lost.

Well.. I am having serious issues with new contacts. This is my first pair of RGP ( rigid gas permeable) lenses. When I left office I was a nervous wreck out of fear of losing them. Sure enough, I get home. put them in and about an hour later I think to myself- wow that left sure is comfortable. When I went to take out is was gone. I was BEYOND upset. They cost 165.00 each.
In my defense, the left wasn’t fitting that great and she is bringin in another and I had no idea it could pop out. If I had known I would have sat on med without moving for half an hour.
( I am to wear them for half hour+ each day , twice and increase times and build up to 8 hours over 2 weeks)

When I was not madly blinking to stop the itch vision was pretty good. I can’t see myself ever getting used to these. She did say people have rough time with hard contacts but this is ridiculous. I can’t take the stress.

I left panicked message on eye doctors voice mail - in case one of the lenses is somehow still in my eye but I think I would feel it. I hate this whole experience.

I will also note that I think I have an eye infection. Eyes are oozing and I want to scratch them out.
In a word. I am miserable.