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Info on Mini-Sclerals and Jupiter Contact Lens

I have been hearing alot about new content lens from Viscon.
I currently wear a Jupiter lens- sometimes called semi-scelreal because it is much small than large sceleral contact lens.

The Jupiter Scleral falls into 2 main design categories- the 15 mm diameter (mini-scleral) series and the 18 mm diameter series. Both series are true scleral lenses sharing the characteristics that they 1) Bear on the Sclera and 2) Vault the Cornea. A lens that bears on the cornea in any way is not a scleral lens although it may be a corneo-scleral or semi-scleral lens.

The Jupiter 18 mm series is designed to be a semi-sealed lens and does not need to closely contour the cornea. The scleral portion is designed to allow adequate tear exchange but hold a much larger volume of tears. It can address the most irregular and asymmetric corneas as well as provide a large tears for severe dry eye cases.

The Jupiter 15 mm series lens requires a closer contouring to the cornea as the scleral contact is less and the capillary forces must maintain an intact tear layer to prevent bubbles and corneal dessication. The lower volume of tears means tear exchange must be more frequent to prevent a toxic buildup under the lens.

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Jupiter Semi- Scleral Contact Lens

Well After months of trying to wear a regular RGP contact lens I am in a semi Scleral Jupiter lens. I love it!
it is about the zie maybe bit bigger of a soft contact lens. It is bit scary becasue it is totally hard. The learning curve on getting it in was difficult I will not lie. Took about 10 tries. Taking it out a breeze.
They are VERY comfortable the dont move and extremely comfortable. I wear at least 8 hours with no problem and often push it to 10+ my eye is sore. If I wear for 12 hours my eye is sore and sore the next day. I do notice vision not as clear as with RGP. I really really could not get a good fit with RGP and tried what feels like a zillion different lenses. I felt like my vision was in hi def with the RGP and these are still more like VHS or maybe a a dvd. being able to wear these and no risk of them popping out all the time has been great and well worth it however. With rgp I did not need reading glasses and I do with the Jupiter contact lens. I go back in couple of weeks for progress check and will see what they can do.