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Info on Mini-Sclerals and Jupiter Contact Lens

I have been hearing alot about new content lens from Viscon.
I currently wear a Jupiter lens- sometimes called semi-scelreal because it is much small than large sceleral contact lens.

The Jupiter Scleral falls into 2 main design categories- the 15 mm diameter (mini-scleral) series and the 18 mm diameter series. Both series are true scleral lenses sharing the characteristics that they 1) Bear on the Sclera and 2) Vault the Cornea. A lens that bears on the cornea in any way is not a scleral lens although it may be a corneo-scleral or semi-scleral lens.

The Jupiter 18 mm series is designed to be a semi-sealed lens and does not need to closely contour the cornea. The scleral portion is designed to allow adequate tear exchange but hold a much larger volume of tears. It can address the most irregular and asymmetric corneas as well as provide a large tears for severe dry eye cases.

The Jupiter 15 mm series lens requires a closer contouring to the cornea as the scleral contact is less and the capillary forces must maintain an intact tear layer to prevent bubbles and corneal dessication. The lower volume of tears means tear exchange must be more frequent to prevent a toxic buildup under the lens.

For more info visit :
Visionary Optics

Well, back from eye doctor and no the lens is not in my eye. When I left i was very depressed. The eye infection so much worse- full blown pink eye.She has suggested using polysporin drops bu this seems to make it worse.. really burns when i put them in. When my kids have had it we used Garamycin (sp?) drops. She can’t prescribe to- just a medical doctor can. She said polysporin just as good.

I left office very low. She said not she could do much about lost lens- she will talk to supplier. I felt I could not really speak my mind as I live in small town and NEED this eye doctor- she was also the one to discover the problem despite my gin back to other eye doctor over and over with complaints about my vision. I do feel there is some responsibility in part of the office- I had NO CLUE it could fall out… also it did not fit properly and she had me bring home to try and get used to… fit is the main reason for a lens coming out. So there is some onus of responsibility on their part.
I don;t think I can afford to pay for new contact lens ever time I lose one and this feel out so easily- I did not even touch my eye or feel it come out. I hate these lenses.
I can’t wear them for at least a week until eyes clear up.

Some good news- wen I got home eye doctors office called and they said they would absorb cost of lost lens. This is huge relief. I do feel a bit like a “charity case” however, and sort of felt they were doing this as charity an dot because they share in responsibility. I would have paid for the COST of lens I think so no one out of pocket but maybe they were able to swing deal. I shouldn’t whine but my eye infection/conjuntivits ( wow is that an ugly word!) is really bad. I will not take photo- too gross. Eyes were welded shut this morning.. Feels like ti is worse and not better and gone through whole bottle of drops.
I am trying to feel happy but I just don’t.

Well.. I am having serious issues with new contacts. This is my first pair of RGP ( rigid gas permeable) lenses. When I left office I was a nervous wreck out of fear of losing them. Sure enough, I get home. put them in and about an hour later I think to myself- wow that left sure is comfortable. When I went to take out is was gone. I was BEYOND upset. They cost 165.00 each.
In my defense, the left wasn’t fitting that great and she is bringin in another and I had no idea it could pop out. If I had known I would have sat on med without moving for half an hour.
( I am to wear them for half hour+ each day , twice and increase times and build up to 8 hours over 2 weeks)

When I was not madly blinking to stop the itch vision was pretty good. I can’t see myself ever getting used to these. She did say people have rough time with hard contacts but this is ridiculous. I can’t take the stress.

I left panicked message on eye doctors voice mail - in case one of the lenses is somehow still in my eye but I think I would feel it. I hate this whole experience.

I will also note that I think I have an eye infection. Eyes are oozing and I want to scratch them out.
In a word. I am miserable.