This might be a good way to get a free pair of Synergeyes.

If you have Keratoconus consider this trial for contact lenses:

SynergEyes Clinical Study

SynergEyes, the industry leader in hybrid contact lens technology,
invites you to participate in a SynergEyes Keratoconus clinical study.

SynergEyes is designed to provide your eyes the crisp vision of a
rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens and the comfort of a soft lens. The
purpose of this study is to analyze new lens design configurations
that have been created for improved lens comfort and wearability. The
clinical study will take place at SynergEyes offices in Carlsbad,
California, to evaluate and dispense multiple lens designs, and allow
for various progress visits. Most visits will be about 1 hour long.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about keratoconus and
assist in the development of a new treatment option. If you would
like to participate or have any questions, please call the SynergEyes
study enrollment coordinator, Jessica Ackerman at 760-444-9629 to
schedule a screening evaluation. Enrollment is filling rapidly, and
study subjects will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.
If you would like to participate, do not delay in contacting Jessica
to indicate your interest.

Wore My SynergEyes Contact Lens Trials

Well, I am back from my optometrist. Some good news- the Synergeyes feel very comfortable and she will try wearing one of the Synergeyes Lenses in my bad eye ( the left) and try and regular soft toric contact lens in the right.

This may sound nuts but I think I may be one of the few people on earth that prefer the feel of a hard RGP lens to soft. I could never wear soft lenses in the past- my eyes are way too dry. I don’t think the problem of my reaction to contact lens solutions was ever solved as well. I do remember in the 90’s

CIBA Vision Clear Care Contact Lens Cleaning and Disinfecting No Rub Solution 12 oz.

using Hydrogen peroxide based system to clean and disinfect but not sure if that was for solution sensitivity.

The SynergEyes is a hard RGP center with a soft lens skirt. There are some mild concern that may not be the healthiest choice for me- the soft part not letting in enough oxygen.

It should take about a week for new lenses to come in. They come from the States and cost was 340.00 for one lenses and no clue about the monthly soft toric lens. I think it should be about 50.00 for 6 months

My Synergeyes Contact Lens

SynergEyes Lens

After bot of a mix-up I am going in tomorrow to try my first pair of Synergeyes lenses. There are a hybrid lens with a rigid gas permeable in centre and surrounded by a soft lens skirt. They are supposed to be very comfortable and my solution to the lens popping out issue I am having with my RGP lenses.
I have been waiting 2 months now to get pair that work.
I am also wondering if I have PMD, a variation on the mis-shapen cornea. I may have a pregnant belly cornea and not a boob-shaped cornea. Does it ever end?
picture of PMD

I was diagnosed with KT in late August and I still do not have a pair of lenses that work.
I have now had 4 fittings with RAP lenses.
I have been going back weekly and went today to get yet another pair.
The last couple of weeks have been fine tuning the fit, and this week I had troubles with lenses falling out, especially when moving eyes to left or right. I will be driving and lens will fall out if I shift eyes.
Today as soon as I put on thought the new left felt “odd”. Optometrist said the feeling is most lily because of putting on a round lens on top of a cone shape and will get used to the feeling. I have been wearing RGP for a month so I do know what they feel like. For me has not been a “comfort” problem so much as a falling out or reaction of solutions problem. I am not complaining about the initial discomfort of the lens- I could see getting to a point where I wouldn’t even notice.

So she tested fit and went through stuff like “edgelift” and drop etc. She was very happy with fit and said I don’t see it getting any more perfect than this. lets give it a week or two and see what it does in the eye.
we briefly discuss the Synergeyes, I told her felt like I was waling around with 300.00 in my purse and purse had a hole it in and I had to be constantly on the watch for the money falling out and catching it when it fell out..

So I left. The lens I thought felt weird fell out in car 15 minutes later. i was going to Wal-mart with kids and got it back it in The whole time I felt like where the edge of lens would be in left eye I could “see” ridge or it would blur. I could see fine if looking straight but at slight angle would blur. Not sure if I am describing properly.
I do know I have not had that problem with other 4 I have tired in that eye.
5 minutes after getting lens back in I blinked and lens popped out in aisle at Wal-Mart fell out and I couldn’t find it.
Was VERY upset. I had on blue top ( have blue lens) and couldn’t move and had my 5 year old jumping around.. was a nightmare. By some miracle I found it.
I have all ready lost a lens .. the first hour of owning them and my doctor absorbed the cost and no way would she do again.
Nerves were shot. I hauled kids back in the car and went back to doctors office saying lens felt weird.. almost hurt my eye, etc. that it fell out twice in last house. I could sort of feel it scraping or something when I blinked on eyeball itself.

Front desk said to wait and would squeeze me in. I went next door to get snack with kids while we waited.
While I was waiting lens wandered into far corner of my eye and was quite painful.. really painful and rushed back to doctor and left my 11 and 5 year old at Subway.. pain was excruciating.
Some one took it out for me and I suppose they went back to talk to doctor and one of the staff ( they are all very nice) said she was REALLY busy and couldn’t see me- would have to be tomorrow or Monday.. and she was ordering me the Synereyes because she didn’t think she could get better fit .
But how can this NOT be a bad fit? Lens would not wander or fall out if it was a”perfect” fit.

I am going back in couple of days when the Synergeyes come in and also she will take a look at what’s happening with these RGP’s.

This would be quite leap financially the hybrids are 800US and ones I have now are 300.00.
She also did mention that there could be long term problems with the hybrid ( I can’t remember now what issues was) which is why she has been so obstinate about getting the RGP to work.

I do apologize for long post- I have a have time keeping things short!

My RGP Lenses to be re-fitted

Had yet another appt. with optometrist to check fit on my RGP lenses ( rigid gas permeable contact lenses). The ye both dropped a little bit so she has ordered new ones. She is going to see if she can get some made from different material. The manufacturer has said these don’t; have latex in them but I am still getting reaction from wearing them. No where near as bad as they were when I was using the all in one cleaning solutions but my eyes still “weep” when they are in and respond with severe irritation.

I also have an opthamologist appointment in January to discuss possible treatments including CR3 treatment, I don;t even know if it available in Canada or if OHIP will pay for it. Not sure if I am a candidate from Intacts as well.

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