Reaction To Contact Lens Solutions

Well, pretty sure the contact lens solutions are the problem. I feel reaction I have when I pit the RGP’s in my eyes is not so much the lens as the solution. I am not sure what kids of lems I have- In know its a Keratconus lens but not sure who make it.
I feel like I want to claw my eyes out, the itch is awful. When i take the lenses out there is no relief- other than I can itch. The feeling lasts for a couple of hours, Then my eyes weep and crust over. It is a nightmare.

I am now using plain saline to rinse the lenses and that seems to work. I also use something call ed “Blink” moisturizing drops and this works too. I like Refresh drops as well- the kind that come in little pods and have no preservative. I find this has helped quite a bit but weepy and irritation still going on a bit.
My optometrist says she is stumped and doesn’t know why there is still a bit of an issue. She has called manufacturer to verify there is no latex in the contact lens.

Frustration level is very high for me.

Well, I am pink eye free. I went to eye doctor and new lens for left eye came in. This fits much better.
I am still panicked about losing and I hate taking the lenses out. I have no trouble popping in but take my 6 or 7 times to get them out. The left comes out easily but rough time with the right.

I am stunned at what have been missing.There a green flecks in my kitchen counter. I tell people its like going from a 70’s TV set to watching Blu-Ray.

This most apparent thing to me is the dirt in my house. Counter and walls are dirty. Smudges and splatters I literally did not see are jumping out at me. How could I let me kids and family live this way? Disgusted can’t wait to start cleaning this house up.
Boston Conditioning Solution for Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses, Advance Comfort Formula, 4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)
Also. noticed my eyes burned with lenses in.. very itchy again and worried about pink eye… starting to think maybe was not an eye infection but allergic reaction to lenses or something. Eye drops make it much worse. I mean the “lubricating drops” for contacts. I got one for Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Drops. They are NOT helping.
I have been using Bausch and Lomb Boston Lens 2 step cleaner Bausch and Lomb Boston Lens 2 step cleaner. She also gave me a one step all in one bottle of contact lens cleaning solution called Simplus, but when i tried to wear soft lenses I had trouble with the one step so avoiding using it.

Having great difficulty accepting that these RGP lenses will very be comfortable. I want to claw out my eyes. When I take them still no relief. No clue what s going on.

Well, back from doctor with prescriptions in hand. Taking Garamycin drops to clear up this eye infection- tho doctor thought possible it is reaction to Polysporin or contact lens solution. The eye doctor looked at my eyes Tuesday and she said it was bacterial… but my family doctor doesn’t think so. She di give me some drops to help relieve the pain/burning/itch in my eys and its like a miracle drug. The drops are actually over the counter, Opticrom.. I think they are a steroid drop that relieves symptoms and does not cure.
I cannot recommend these drops enough- the terrible symptoms of my pink eye were almost done within seconds of using the Opticrom.
My doctor also said that lots of people have a reaction to Polysporin and she does not recommend for eye infection or pink eye. This makes sense. My eyes seemed to get worse when I started ti use. I out the drops in after about an hour of noticing my eyes were itchy and I had full blown horrible crusty eyes the next morning. The only thing that helped was stopping the drops and using warm salt water compress with sterile cotton pads.
Hopefully nightmare will be over soon.

Well… didn’t think it was possible but eyes are worse. made appt. for my family doctor. I stopped using Polysporin as this seems to make it worse. I switched to using warm water with salt in it and soaking cotton balls in the solution and this really seemed to help. I remember using warm salt water for infection mouth and thought maybe similar to eye. I know salt can kill bacteria. ( note: I am NOT a doctor so don’t take this a medical advice!)

Sooting Pink Eye Infection

So, I started with the salt water last night and felt better almost right away. My eyes are still very bad. Hard to see with all the gunk in them. I look a FRIGHT!!!!
So in my opinion warm water with salt is better than polysporin for soothing pink eye- I think it may actually be helping to clear up.

Well, back from eye doctor and no the lens is not in my eye. When I left i was very depressed. The eye infection so much worse- full blown pink eye.She has suggested using polysporin drops bu this seems to make it worse.. really burns when i put them in. When my kids have had it we used Garamycin (sp?) drops. She can’t prescribe to- just a medical doctor can. She said polysporin just as good.

I left office very low. She said not she could do much about lost lens- she will talk to supplier. I felt I could not really speak my mind as I live in small town and NEED this eye doctor- she was also the one to discover the problem despite my gin back to other eye doctor over and over with complaints about my vision. I do feel there is some responsibility in part of the office- I had NO CLUE it could fall out… also it did not fit properly and she had me bring home to try and get used to… fit is the main reason for a lens coming out. So there is some onus of responsibility on their part.
I don;t think I can afford to pay for new contact lens ever time I lose one and this feel out so easily- I did not even touch my eye or feel it come out. I hate these lenses.
I can’t wear them for at least a week until eyes clear up.

Some good news- wen I got home eye doctors office called and they said they would absorb cost of lost lens. This is huge relief. I do feel a bit like a “charity case” however, and sort of felt they were doing this as charity an dot because they share in responsibility. I would have paid for the COST of lens I think so no one out of pocket but maybe they were able to swing deal. I shouldn’t whine but my eye infection/conjuntivits ( wow is that an ugly word!) is really bad. I will not take photo- too gross. Eyes were welded shut this morning.. Feels like ti is worse and not better and gone through whole bottle of drops.
I am trying to feel happy but I just don’t.

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